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Having studied art from a young age, Lynus sees fitness and art both as powerful tools of creative expression. As an artist, he thinks art has boundless possibilities – it can be deeply personal yet conversational, it can be done spontaneously or meticulously.

The versatility and unpredictability of the gallery setting reflects Lynus’s own philosophical belief in the beauty of breaking routines. “Our body is a living sculpture that evolves day to day, just like our gym.” With this in mind, he started REP. – a new idea for a fitness space, an embodiment of his creative vision.

Fueled by his passion in helping people build confidence through fitness, he envisions REP. as a lifestyle destination that drives positive conversations. “I want to build a gym where the guests feel energized and stimulated by the setting and people at REP. when they visit”.

Going forward, whilst operational enhancement remains to be a continuous effort, REP. will keep creating new synergies through collaborations and innovations. On the constant quest for excellence in fitness, Lynus is never one to back down from a challenge.

These five REP.s set the foundation in building our purpose-driven model:
It’s what guides our on-going pursuit of excellence.


We stand proud and strong with our community who all share a common vision.


We pride ourselves in offering an unrivaled premium fitness experience.


We don’t follow rules. We see limitless possibilities of change.


We believe willpower is a mindset. Harness the power to reach your goal.


We believe the best way in honing a craft is through determination.


Hong Kong’s Premier Personal Training Experience

Disrupting the industry, REP. serves as a trailblazer that paves the way for a new generation of concept gyms. Merging the art of training with science-based rehabilitation, REP. is THE place where we help you realize your full potential and experience a new mode of body sculpting.

We go above and beyond to fire up your motivation, challenge and push you to the limit.

Here at REP., we create standards.


Situated in the heart of the city, our two-storey gym is an ever-evolving space that defies convention. A fitness atelier, a studio and a creative lab in one – this hybrid triality is an architectural reflection of our brand philosophy. It is a collaborative space thoughtfully designed for our members to find their creativities – to inspire, and be inspired.

With the belief that human form being an art creation, and means of expression, REP. is dedicated to guiding your body exploration journey.

In the pursuit of excellence, we leave no stone unturned. REP. is here to unleash the limitless possibilities of change.

We don’t follow. We REPresent.

Personal trainer with 5 years of 1:1 and online coaching experience. Coaching clients to transform inside out, she believes that true beauty starts within us.


“A determined personal mindset is the key to success.”


The recovery from binge eating disorder changed her world entirely. Joemary’s mission is to educate and create sustainable goals for her clients in their fitness journey, by re-building a healthy eating habit and cultivating a strong mindset.



– ASSFP Certified Personal Trainer.


– ISSA Certified Personal Trainer.


– HKU SPACE | Foundation Certificate in Applied Nutrition and Nutritional Supplements.


– Precision nutrition | Level 1 Nutrition Certification.  

Joemary Leung

Joemary Leung

Hana has been in the fitness industry for 6+ years and believes in a holistic approach to fitness including movement, mobility/flexibility, strength, nutrition and mindset.


“How you do one thing is how you do everything.”


From a young age, movement and exercise has always been an integral part of Hana’s life. She started dancing classical ballet and modern dance from the age 4 until 18, then moved onto pilates, yoga and weight training into her adult-hood. She is currently pursuing a degree in psychology and believes a strong body is not complete without a healthy *mind*.



– Functional Range Conditioning (FRC) Mobility Specialist.


– EXOS Performance Specialist Phase 1.


– Poliquin Performance Specialist L1&2.


– Polestar Pilates Reformer Instructor.


– RYT200 Yoga Teacher.


– Precision Nutrition Level 1


– National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM) Certified Personal Trainer. 

Hana Ito

Hana Ito

Eddie has 3+ years of coaching experience with professional athletes. With his expertise of strength and conditioning, he has worked with national and regional rugby players, MMA Fighters, 400m sprinters, strongwomen, and powerlifters. Eddie focuses on strength training, powerlifting and body transformation. He also has experience in rehabilitation training.


“I believe a good coach is someone who can be versatile and client-oriented.”


Eddie himself is also an avid powerlifter and has competed in multiple powerlifting competitions. As someone who went from being overweight to being able to squat triple his body weight and bench press double his body weight, Eddie understands the work and dedication it takes from being zero to hero.



– MSc Strength and Conditioning.


– British Weightlifting Coach Lv.2.


– Strength and Conditioning Coach Lv.2 Precision Nutrition Lv.1.


– Barbell Rehab Certified.


– NASM Certified Personal Trainer.


– NASM Certified Corrective Specialist.

Eddie Yau

Eddie Yau

Loretta has over 15 years of experience in the fitness industry. She hopes to motivate all her clients to realize their full potential. She will not only work with you to set your goals, but also focus on all areas of your well-being so that a happy and balanced lifestyle can be achieved.


It doesn’t matter whether you are an absolute beginner or working out is a regular part of your routine, Loretta is here to support you through any part of your fitness journey, help you achieve your goals and build confidence and self esteem.



– Resistance Training Specialist (RTS) Level 1.


– Muscle Mechanics – Eugene Teo.


– The Science of Body Recomposition – Menno Henselmans.


– Functional Anatomy – FRC.


– Strength Academy, Canadian Strength and Conditioning Centre – Andre Benoit CCSC.


– Strength Academy Course: Power, Speed/Program Design.


– CCSC Course: Modulation of Energy Systems.


– Advanced Nutrition Program Design for PT’s and Nutritionist – Clean Health Institute NASM Personal Training Course.


– Schwinn Silver Level Certification.


– TRX Group Suspension Certification.

Loretta Yuen

Loretta Yuen

Most people would see art and fitness as being polar opposites, but Lynus had always seen training as a form or art.


“We are all trying to build a living sculpture that we desire and are comfortable walking around in.”


With a passion for both, Lynus studied Fine Art at the University of Oxford, whilst starting his journey in competitive body building during that time. Lynus won multiple competitions, including the United Kingdom Drug Free Body-Building Association in Men’s Physique.


Lynus started training from a young age due to his skinny physique. He wanted to get bigger because he was uncomfortable in his own skin, and wanted to look ‘better’. The more he trained, the more he realized that everyone’s ideal physique of themselves is different. The most important is that people feel comfortable with themselves. He believes that confidence comes from within, and training provides the mindset of working hard to become the best version of your ideal self through your own lens.


Lynus gained most of his experience through multiple trial and errors from his own trainings throughout the years. He believes that not one method fits all, and training should be different due to various goals and needs. However, what shouldn’t be different is the mindset.



– Active IQ Advanced Diploma in Personal Training.


– Active IQ Certified Personal Trainer.

Lynus Woo

Lynus Woo

Successsful transformations are beyond the physical. Success is when we leave you with the knowledge and mindset to continue pursuing a healthy lifestyle on your own. Health to us, is the foundation and can be achieved simultaneously to one’s life commitments. Of course, we are all at different stages of our lives and health journeys, which is exactly why I hold an “anti one size fits all” approach to nutrition.


3 main highlights:


– Personalized – 100% custom made for you.


– Focus on creating habits and passing on knowledge for future integration.


– Cultivating healthy relationship with food.



– Mac Nutrition University Certified Nutritionist.


– ISSA Certified Personal Trainer.

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Kristy Lau

Simon is the educator and online coach at REP. With 15 years of coaching experiences, Simon is able to use his wide range of expertise and knowledge to help his clients achieve their goals.

With a personalized program for each and one of his clients, Simon is currently rehabilitating clients from joint replacements, helping others achieve their goals in appearance, and training clients to build strength and functionality. He is also training athletes including Olympians to achieve their highest ceiling of performance.

“With a lifetime experience in various sports and a long and successful career in personal training, I have developed an approach to my job which is highly skilled but also fun and enjoyable for all my clients. I truly believe that enjoying your training accelerates the journey to your goals and encourages consistency. Whether client’s aspirations are to become stronger, fitter, move pain free or even achieve Olympic medals, I know I can and will get them there.”



– Active IQ Advanced Diploma in Personal Training.


– Active IQ Certified Personal Trainer.


– REPs, FIA, Active IQ Approved Studio Cycling.


– REPs, FIA, Active IQ Approved Gym based Boxing.


– REPs, FIA, Active IQ Approved Circuit Training.


– REPs, FIA, Active IQ Approved Sports Nutrition.

Simon Clarke

Simon Clarke

Lite Image

LITE – a new salad bar takeaway concept focuses on holistic wellness, debuts a fresh image at G/F 25 Wellington Street in Central. LITE provides a wide selection of nutritious, seasonal fresh foods and handpick ingredients to create a well-balanced bowl of salad, on-the-go smoothies and juices, in an eco-friendly and thoughtfully designed space. Customers can DIY their own selections of greens, proteins and dressings. The in-house kitchen team and Australian-based nutritionist Kristy Lau of LITE aim to promote conscious eating in this busy city, catering to people with a variety of different diets, with gluten-free, vegetarian, vegan and pescatarian options.